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“No matter the method—saturated choruses, jangly drums, or thrifty acoustic guitar textures—the songs sound like they were made with love in a cottage outlooking the Colorado hot springs; a sense of home is predominant, with a tinkling of adventure in the backdrop. The groove is loose…everything a veteran of contemporary music would benefit from indulging in. “

BuzzMusic on the new album “High and Dry”

Snake and the Rabbit is the lovechild of husband and wife, Brett and Leanna Patterson. The two songwriters have been writing and playing together in various projects since 2010. In November of 2019 they decided to start fresh and perform as a two-piece. The result is Snake and the Rabbit: a stripped down, minimalist approach to Americana music heavily influenced by Psychedelic folk, American blues, Outlaw Country and lo-fi Garage Rock.

Cowgirl Surf

Leanna and Brett met back in 2008 while she was performing as a solo artist. They married in 2010 and began playing together soon after. 



“Dynamic duo Snake and the Rabbit have the sound and alluring capabilities of a veteran act. The chemistry and sheer talent that flows through the speakers…is breathtaking.”      –BuzzMusic

SNR 69