NEW EP “HERS & HIS” out Saturday 4/9/2022. Click the links below!




Our album “High and Dry” is available through our BANDCAMP and streaming on all major streaming services.

“The psych-folk duo known as Snake and the Rabbit has a dusty outlaw Americana sound that feels a little bit homey and a little bit dangerous on their new single, HARQUAHALA. ”


“Through a song like ‘Harquahala’ – a name of an old mining town in Arizona – the duo expresses the best of rock from a past decade, with a brand of style and aesthetic that sticks and delights. Leanna’s guitar notes frame the single in a cast of notes, diminishing none of the story telling. SNAKE AND THE RABBIT is a profound project that has a new feel and formula…they will not be denied their time in the sun.”


Harquahala is an old mining town off the highway in Southern AZ. After traveling six days for seven shows throughout California, Las Vegas and Southern Arizona; we pulled off the road for a little natural R & R. Enjoy a four and a half minute trip through the deserts of the Southwest: the mines, the cactus, the history.