Official Music video for our debut single, “The Weekend” :

“Dynamic duo Snake and the Rabbit have the sound and alluring capabilities of a veteran act. The chemistry and sheer talent that flows through the speakers in their newest hit “The Weekend”  is breathtaking. Leanna’s vocal register flows freely and flawlessly through emotive lyricism. Pummelling guitars fused with psychedelic melodies and powerhouse vocals make “The Weekend” a timeless hit. The track is groovy, relatable and an impressive release from the independent duo. Snake and the Rabbit have the admirable talent of curating music that all listeners can interpret and relate. It’s skills like this that put Snake and the Rabbit on the map in a big way to inspire and galvanize the music scene today. I highly recommend you check out “The Weekend” and stay tuned for the release of Snake and the Rabbit future releases.”


“SNAKE AND THE RABBIT’s single ‘The Weekend’ comes by like the friendly neighbor from a block away, bringing gifts of flowers and food…on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s that friend, coming over to lend a hand, when you’d never expected. ‘The Weekend’ is a signaling green light from the other side of the street, inviting you to what you might be missing. SNAKE AND THE RABBIT is a project of Brett and Leanna Patterson, the duo locks horns with the fullness of life and doesn’t want to let go. The energy is what SNAKE AND THE RABBIT offers. We think we should embrace their goodness, as well.”


“If Only” Live Loop Video:

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